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Model Panda
Another Mama friend and I were recently discussing correcting our children, and when (and to what degree) it is really necessary. I’ll give you an example…My little guy is quite certain that horses are actually zebras and has no problem telling you so. Generally, the discussion will go something like this: “ZEBRA!!!!!” “No, my love, it does look a lot like a zebra, but it is actually a horse.” “Zebra.” “Horse.” “Zebra.” “Horse.” “Zebra.” “Horse.” “Zebra.” You get the picture.

Anyway…I showed a bit of restraint in this department the other day, and I must tell you it felt really good. After finding all of the old magazines in Mama’s bedside table (one of his very favorite areas to pilfer), my son focused on the above Harper’s cover and grinned. “Bear and Mama,” he stated proudly. Would you believe I didn’t say a word?

photo credit Terry Richardson, Harper’s Bazaar March 2011

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  1. maggie ney prestegard says:

    love it!

  2. Cheryl Conway says:

    puh-lease. you’re WAY prettier :)

  3. Tonya says:

    So cute! …and I agree with Cheryl xo

  4. Britt Jaeger says:

    Already knows just what to say ;)

  5. Christian Vera-James says:

    Ha ha!!!! So great!!!

  6. catiebear says:

    ZEBRA! or, as your little duder says, BREBRA!

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