To Do

Memo BoardWhen I spotted this magnetic bullseye memo board designed to help prioritize items on your list of things to do, I was tempted to purchase immediately. Cute and functional…no brainer, right? But when I began to think of some of the items on my daily “to do” list, I couldn’t help but giggle….especially at the thought of prioritizing them.

Below, a sampling of items (in no particular order) that could very well end up on today’s list.
1. Bathe (dry shampoo doesn’t count).
2. Plan of attack for increased (toddler) veggie intake that does not include a 3 to 1 cheese ratio.
3. Have deep, meaningful, and stimulating conversation with another human.
4. Remove two inches of playground sand from back seat of vehicle.
5. Set record for length of time in pajamas.
6. Request kisses (though zeal with which they are given makes them more closely resemble bites).
7. Inhale Pirate’s Booty.
8. Pick up the same toy seven times.
9. Bathe the small individual who enjoys using hummus as pomade.
10. And last, but certainly not least….Take it all in and realize how very lucky I am.

Bullseye Steel Memo Board and Magnets, Conran

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  1. foodfashionandflow says:
  2. catiebear says:

    you would be surprised at how similar my to-do list is to yours, and i don’t even have a child.

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