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Zara Fall 2011Zara Kids Fall 2011
I was first formally (or informally) introduced to ZARA many moons ago while visiting my sister who was studying in the South of France. It was a shopping experience like nothing I had ever witnessed before…women literally stripping down to their birthday suits instead of having to wait in the lines for the dressing rooms that serpentined the store. It was at that moment that I took a mental note…clearly, there must be something good going on here.

Years later, I still think of ZARA for fashionable yet reasonably priced pieces for Mama and (as I recently discovered) for her Mini as well. And though you won’t find me stripping down in the storefront, (this is best for everyone, I promise) you will still find me dropping in on the rare occasion that I am able to do my shopping in store instead of via the internet. Which brings me to my point…and it’s a good one. Starting today, ZARA is now available for purchase online.

Woohoo!!! Happy Shopping…and keep your pants on!!

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