Gift Guide: Father’s Day

Father's Day GIfts
I just love giving gifts, and Father’s Day is no exception. This particular holiday became infinitely better for all involved when I made the startling realization that the list of acceptable gifts could include things that a Dad would actually *want*. This hereby serves as a retroactive apology for decades of lame gift giving. Sorry, Dad.

1. iPad Arcade Stick, JOYSTICK-IT 2. Natural Wood Crono Timepiece in Black, Wewood 3. Large Metal Aviator Sunglasses in Silver, Ray-Ban 4. Bistro Marinating/Grilling Sauce Pot, Bodum 5. Solo High-Definition Headphones, Beats by Dr. Dre 6. Book of Secrets, Andrews McMeel Publishing 7. Chuck Taylor All Star in Navy, Converse 8. Microbrew of the Month, Microbeer Club

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