Love Fort

Illuminated Fort
I believe that a life filled with happiness is one that begins with gratitude. And yet…I sometimes find myself looking back nostalgically at the years that I had with my husband when it was just the two of us…the romance, the spontaneity, the massive amounts of time that we must have had on our hands. (Seriously, what did we DO before our little man came along?) And I dream of building our own little fort and just shutting out the rest of the world and concentrating on us again, and what got us here in the first place.

And then…I hear my baby’s intoxicating laugh, and I smell his sweet skin, and I feel his little hand grab for mine…and I know that life is beautiful and perfect in this very moment. And I also know that I have never loved my husband more than when I see him as a father. So I suppose it is up to us to find the balance…and make some adjustments. After all, there’s plenty of room in our little fort.

I’ll keep you posted on that balance thing. xx

image via flickr

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