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Scrabble Decor
I love Scrabble…always have, always will. At present, we have no less than four different versions of the game in our home, including the iPad app and the fancy schmancy Onyx Edition. Did I mention that I love Scrabble? It turns out, I am not alone in my love, as evidenced by all of the amazingly creative Scrabble reincarnations that are out there. I am especially smitten with some of the ideas for the home; sweet, customizable, and with a generous helping of nerd. Just my style.

Left to Right: Brigitte Herrod Scrabble LOVE YOU Picture, Cozy Letter Pillows, Scrabble Ornament, Scrabble Wine Charms, Scrabble Coasters

Red Handed

Shopping BagsI love my husband. I love him for reasons far too numerous to even attempt to list. One of the many things that I love about him is that he notices things…when I get my hair done, when I try a new lip color, when I am wearing something new. Interestingly enough, this thing that I love about him is also the thing that drives me crazy about him. He notices things…like when I am wearing something new. Every. Blessed. Time. I suppose that it goes without saying that this endearing little quality of his gets me in trouble on a fairly regular basis, because if I am wearing something new, I bought something new. Again.

I have often wondered if I would prefer a completely oblivious mate, and therefore shopping without immediate repercussions, but have settled on no…the trade off is worth it. Until this week, that is. This week, his skills escalated to a level that I didn’t believe possible. Imagine, if you will…we are in bed, reading, chatting, catching up after a long day. Suddenly, he looks up…”Do you smell that?” he asks. “Smell What?” I reply. “It smells like new shoes” he concludes, and looks straight at me.

I have been caught red handed. The beautiful new Jeffrey Campbell Boots that arrived this afternoon and were immediately stashed in the back of my closet have been sniffed out. It is official…my husband can now smell when I go shopping. Awesome.

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Memory Lane

Memory Jar
It is far too early to start thinking about the Holidays, but I recently came across an idea that was far too good to wait to share. Now that I have a (growing) family of my own, I often think about the traditions that my family shared when I was a child, and those that I would love to see live on. Perhaps even more meaningful, the ones that we would like to begin…the ones that our little ones will remember when they have little ones of their own. This one has definitely made the list.

The idea is simple. All of those amazing little things that happen throughout the year…a sweet moment, a hilarious musing by a two year old, a difficult time that you got through together, a reminder of why you began this crazy journey together in the first place…write them all down as they happen and keep them in a jar. Then, as a family, read them together on New Year’s Eve.

Sometimes the simplest ideas really are the best…and this one just got me. We have officially begun adding to our jar…and I can’t help but think of how the beauty of this idea will compound when our little ones can add to it as well.

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