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Bracelets and Clutch
Inspired Home Decor
When it comes to interior design, I am easily taken by different styles and aesthetics….a color here, a texture there, and my brain is off and running. Happily, a common theme tends to present itself, allowing for a cohesive space….unhappily, I am very quickly running out of rooms. Sigh…nothing wrong with daydreaming.

Above, my most recent inspiration for a space with delicious pops of color.

1. Ravello Mirror, Jonathan Adler 2. Ikat Diamond Jaipuri Rug, Calypso St. Barth 3. Papier Papaya Fruit Bowl, Anthropologie 4. Hot Pink and Natural Nixon Throw, Jonathan Adler 5. Lorrie Yellow Vase, Crate and Barrel 6. Bristol Potter’s Studio Lamp, Pamela Lerner 7. Fringed Botanical Pillow, Anthropologie 8. Rope Bowl, David Stark for West Elm

Inspiration Image via Oracle Fox

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