Soon Enough

Bicycle Print
After what seemed like years of uncertainty, our mystery baby finally revealed its sex once and for all last week. Yes, my sweet, sneaky little baby was probably giggling as we were given conflicting reports from one appointment to the next, but the truth has finally been confirmed, and we are over the moon.

I am *unfortunately* unable to share this news, as most of our family members would prefer to be surprised, but just knowing has brought a new calm, and lots of new questions. What will you look like, little one? Who will you become? What will make you laugh? Will you be sweet and loving? Silly and charming? Strong and independent?

I remember like it was yesterday having these same questions about my little boy who is getting so big…and have the most difficult time believing that there was ever a time when I didn’t know him. Soon enough, I will be feeling the same way about you, my sweet baby. Soon enough.

Print by Allan Peters

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