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Organic Buying Guide
As a family, we try our best to buy (and consume) as much organic as possible…especially now that we have little ones to think about. Admittedly, this isn’t always as practical (financially and otherwise) as one might hope….I often find myself wondering if my trips to those wondrously intoxicating (and expensive) organic grocers will be in lieu of say, our little monkeys’ college educations. I kid. Kind of.

That’s why I was very happy to come across the above. The EWG recently published its most up-to-date best and worst lists in terms of pesticide laden fruits and vegetables, and estimates that we can reduce our exposure by 80 percent simply by knowing which foods typically have the highest pesticide residue, and therefore should be bought organic. As some of the worst offenders also tend to see the most action in our home, I am happy to know that our organic efforts really are worth it…and to have a good guideline for prioritizing while wandering the produce department.

via EWG

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